Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Iowa Tournament!

Ok so last Friday we left for Sioux City, Iowa for Chase's Tae Kwon Do tournament! It was only a 4 hour drive but with 3 kids it felt like forever! So we got up there around 6 or so. We waited around the hotel for the rest of the team to get up there so we could all go out to dinner. We went to a family style resturaent called Green Gables. It was so nice. The food was great and there was enough room for all 25 of us. Saturday morning we all got up and had a good breakfast so we could start our day. We had to be at the convention center by 9:45 for registration. The tournament was to start at 10 am.

Team Pak!!
Chase is the yellow belt in the front row...

Chase's age group was up first for forms and then sparring. He did sooo good on his form!! I was soo proud of him. He practiced it with his coach Tiffany before it got started to make sure he had all the bugs out! He was so sharp!! He got 2nd place! That is awesome for a National Team only tournament. Chase also got 2nd place in sparring!! It was an AWESOME DAY!! GO CHASE!!
Chase is on the left!
Chase is in the blue!

Team Pak with all of their medals! Everyone went home with 1st or 2nd!! We kicked butt!!!



~*Liz*~ said...

You sound like a cheerleader. ;p


The Pink Potpourri said...

congratulations to chase and team pak!!! that's awesome :)

ps...don't forget its free giveaway friday! i'm giving away a cute purse today :)